Polish Student/Kitesurfer Seeks Host Family in US Kiteboarding Location

Young Polish F-One team rider Maks Mielczarek is in search of a host family in Hawaii for the 2022/2023 school year.

16-year-old Polish F-One team rider Maks Mielczarek is on the lookout for a host family in any US kitesurfing location. As a foreign exchange student, Maks plans to study in the US from August/September 2022 to June 2023 through AFS Intercultural Programs. This international youth exchange program’s main mission is to empower people to become globally engaged citizens by delivering meaningful intercultural experiences; for example a host family invites an exchange student to live with them and show them their life and culture. AFS provides verification of participants and families and organizes a school for participants while the host family provides housing and food for participants.

As an avid kitesurfer, it is Maks’ dream to study and kite in the US. Maks would like to study abroad in any US kiteboarding destination including but not limited to Florida (Keys/Miami), Texas (Padre Island/Corpus Christi), North Carolina (Outer Banks/Cape Hatteras), California (Sherman Island/Belmont Shores), etc. If you or someone you know participates in the AFS program or would make a good host family, please contact Maks via the information below:

Email: maks.miel3@gmail.com
Instagram @max_mielczarek
Facebook: Maks Mielczarek