2022 Surfboard Collection

Available this fall, F-One launches their 2022 surfboard collection featuring the Mitu Pro Carbon, Mitu Pro Bamboo, Shadow, Slice Bamboo.

[Available Fall 2021]

The MITU BAMBOO offers the fantastic MITU shape in a simple package using the excellent properties of natural bamboo for a light, responsive and durable board.

The SHADOW offers the most authentic surfboard feeling possible, from small to big waves.

For this new edition of the MITU PRO CARBON, the designers were inspired by the SHADOW, which is absolutely amazing in waves, but kept the super versatile DNA of the MITU in order to mix some strapless freestyle into your wave riding.

The SLICE BAMBOO is a compact surfboard in a bamboo sandwich construction which does an excellent job of covering both strapless freestyle and small to medium-sized wave riding.