Our Team Riders Talk About the Phantom Carbon Range

F-One's foil team talks about the Phantom carbon range. Find out what they have to say.


What our team riders have to say about it!

Phantom 940 by Titouan Galea

The Phantom 940 is the last size added to the range. It has been designed for the most experienced and demanding riders.

Phantom 1080 by Mizo Fernando

The Phantom 1080 is a remarkably efficient foil that remains very accessible despite its small surface area. It is surprisingly easy to handle, but reveals incredible performance in speed, carving and pumping when needed.

Phantom 1280 by Hendrick Lopes

The Phantom 1280 provides a versatile program similar to the 1480, but with a bit more power: It carves better, goes faster, and is used in more powerful waves. It is also suitable for lighter riders (<154lbs).

Phantom 1480 by Joan Duru

The Phantom 1480 combines efficiency and accessibility. Its lift allows you to glide endlessly while having fun thanks to its incredible maneuverability. Its ultra versatile; kite it, surf it in small waves, downwind it, wing with it, dockstart on it or wakefoil with it.

Phantom 1780 by Vasco M. Santos

The Phantom 1780 offers the greatest lift of the range. It allows for a very versatile program similar to the 1480, but more suitable for heavier riders (>187lbs), or SUPs.