Analyzing Justine Dupont’s January 16th Ride at Jaws

Former Surfer Magazine editor Sam George comments on Justine Dupont's extraordinary performance at Peahi on January 16th, 2021.

On January 16, 2021, France’s Justine Dupont towed into Peahi/Jaws, scoring not only the day’s best barrel but also what everyone else pretty much agrees is the greatest ride ever by a female surfer.

In this “One Wave Story” feature by Outside TV, former Surfer Magazine editor Sam George, narrates and analyzes Justine Dupont’s historic wave, breaking down in minute detail exactly what made it so… extraordinary. Utilizing a compelling mix of slow-motion footage, on-wave graphics and insightful commentary, every element of the ride is sequentially examined, revealing both the dramatic moments and overlooked subtleties that make this ride such an insane accomplishment.