Limited Edition Foil Culture T-Shirts

Show that you're part of the foil culture with a limited edition, 100% organic cotton foil culture t-shirt.

Foiling has become a culture of its own. Whether’s its kitefoiling, wingsurfing, or foilsurfing, the ability to glide effortlessly above the water has created a collective group, fascinated by and addicted to the feeling of the foil.

Foiling has strengthened our feelings, expanded our playground and provided endless possibilities for exploration.

Whether it’s for you or for a fellow foil-lover, what better way to share your culture than with a limited edition Foil Culture t-shirt?

Made from 100% organic cotton, choose from 2 different models (Whisper w/ pocket embroidered logo or Citadel w/ full chest logo) in 5 sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Foil Culture Apparel: