Join the Light Wind Wing Revolution with the 6m/7m/8m Strike CWC

F-ONE brings another breakthrough design with the Strike CWC and offers unique sensations in light wind conditions.

F-One brings another breakthrough design with the Strike CWC which offers high-performance in light wind conditions. The Strike CWC is more maneuverable and easier to flip around when on the water. Pumping is super easy and gets you planning in no time as the wing tips don’t touch the water when you bend your arms. This unique compactness allows a very comfortable ride with big wing sizes.

Available in 3 different sizes: 6.0 – 7.0 – 8.0

Nearly two years after the release of our first Swing we have found the ultimate way to add surface to the wing without compromising lightness and performance. The new patented Compact Wing Concept allows us to add more surface into a given wingspan. We have added 2 struts to the existing one offering the most compact shape on the market for the bigger sizes.

The two extra struts increase the wing’s surface without increasing the leading edge’s length and diameter. Once we were able to fit a 6m into a short 5m leading edge, then we were then able to build a 7m and 8m with the same concept.

The control of the leading edge’s length offers more rigidity in the canopy and the trailing edge is completely controlled, adding additional performance characteristics.

Because touching the wingtip to the water while riding is one of the issues with bigger sizes, we have also worked on the profile of the tips. They naturally stay away from the water surface. If they do hit the water, their design will allow them to glide over and not stop you as it normally would. This allows you to ride with your hands at a normal height and not with your arms above your head.

The new geometry brings great power with ease of use and therefore a super light feel with less wingspan. This allows for a very comfortable ride with big wing sizes. Light wind riding will have never been so performance-oriented.