Tested: v2 pocket foil board “bring your maneuvers to the next level”

F-One makes high end full carbon race foil board models, but I am not much of a racer, the pocket series allows me to carve my face off and maximize the fun weather strapped or strapless.

Our NEW V.2 Kite Foil board collection has arrived and when the Pocket Series were opened and put on display in our showroom Billy could not help himself but to grab both sizes and give them a go! Two sizes available 3’11” & 4’3”.

This is a brand spanking new shape for the upcoming year with a Spring 2018 release date, they are in stock and available NOW through an F-One authorized dealer, need help fining a dealer? Check out our Dealer Locater online.

First impressions of the new Pocket Series were that the matte finish and graphics are beautiful which is noticeable right away. I’m digging the color combinations on the v.2 collection; the matte finish does not show scratches from transport and use as much as the polish which is a plus. Also, really like how the deck pad is color matched to the graphics of the board. The entire new v.2 line-up features the twin track mounting system allowing the user to mount any foil on the market with a plate adapter or 4-point plate style mounting system. SS, LF, MHL and many more will fit this board.

According to our product spec sheet the shape is considered compact to “reduce the momentum and drag of the board bringing your maneuvers and carving to the next level of performance!”

This is exactly what I felt during the first session, the shape really took a minute to get my balance between the front and rear foot but once I performed the “dolphin”, (up and down) for a minute I adjusted my feet accordingly and got things going in the right direction.

WOW, the performance you can get out of a small board like this is insane and is exactly what I was looking for to bring my foil game to the next level.

F-One makes high end full carbon race foil board models, but I am not much of a racer, the pocket series allows me to carve my face off and maximize the fun weather strapped or strapless.

Previously I have been riding the 51 & 49 fiber foil boards which are considerably larger, excellent for touch and go’s and excellent for learning your jibes. Once you progress and advance a little more riding strapless and nailing your transitions in the freestyle/freeride foiling department the new Pocket Board is a must try. You really feel like you are one-with-the-foil riding these shorter shapes allowing you to crank crazy turns, tacks and jibes, I love it!

The Pocket series is constructed using F-One’s bamboo sandwich laminate over a lightweight EPS core making it bomber and quite light in weight. Can be ridden strapless or with straps, both are extremely fun. I felt that I can clinch the board better for speed and pointing up wind with straps but again, the board has the option for straps if desired.

V.2 Pocet Foil Board Sizes

  • 3’11 x 18.1” – 18.9 Liters
  • 4’3 x 18.5” – 21.1 Liters

Included equipment

  • Full Pads
  • Inserts for 3x foot straps (straps do not come with board) Set of three F-One straps run $79 + tax and shipping

I am 195 pounds and 6’ tall, first tried the 3’11 and was having a ball, this size strapless works wonderful and has a very minimalistic feeling. Depending on your mast placement in the twin tracks will determine whether you have more front or rear foot pressure, I started with the placement dead center in the tracks and was very pleased with the feeling. I prefer the bigger one (Pocket 4’3) for my size all the time, but both rode similar. The biggest difference for me was the touch downs on the 4’3 were more forgiving but 3’11 was my favorite strapless. Both boards share the same bottom shape and rail profile. The 4’3 is also an awesome option for foil surfing and wake foiling!

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