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F-One Foil SUP/Surf Clinics @ Bolinas & Cowells Beach

27 Mar , 2018  

The goal of our foil clinics is to offer paddlers and surfers a chance to get on the water with a professional like F-One Pro Team Josh Riccio to learn about surf/supfoiling in a safe environment. Foiling is awesome and can be compared to flying but can be intimidating, and we are here to guide you with a focus on safety, awareness and control in a step by step program, so you are not out there endangering yourself or anyone else in the surf break. Learn safe foiling in the waves and always make sure the conditions and locations are appropriate for a hydrofoil.

SUP Foil Clinics

During our clinics, paddlers get to work closely with a foiling professional, we had the chance to have F-One SUP Racer Josh Riccio as our featured instructor for two excellent days this past week, the first one hosted by Covewater Paddle Surf Santa Cruz and the other in Bolinas, California with Manera America. Both clinics went remarkably well and we can’t wait to plan another in the near future. You can contact both of those shops to learn about their foiling program.

Interested in surf foiling? This is an excellent way to further your SURF/SUP foiling skills and ability whether you are a seasoned foiler looking to get tips and techniques in the waves or you are a surfer looking to take on foiling!

Manera America located in Sausalito, CA is available for Foil Surf lessons! Have questions or want to sign up? Contact Manera America today to learn more; Phone: (415) 339-9112 Website:

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