Video: Next Generation – San Pere Pescador, Spain

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Last June, our F-ONE groms have trained really hard with their coach Etienne LHOTE right before the Junior World Kiteboarding League event in San Pere Pescador, Spain.

For this 5th edition, the team was better than ever before and got some amazing results !

Directed by Jop Heemskerk, who was himself a Next Generation rider a few years back.

Riders: Mikaili Sol, Osaia Reding, Javier Jimenez, Sebastian JR Ducos, Malcom Desvaux, Oscar Perrineau, Kimo Verkerk, Maxime Chabloz, Hugo Metton, Luis Fernando, Manoel Soares, Guigui Costa, Théo Fermon

Coach: Etienne Lhôte