Furtive and Trax the official F-One gear for the Youth Olympics

This is BIG! For the first time we have F-One Gear registered for the Olympic Games! Our 2018 F-One TRAX Carbon sizes 136 & 137 along with the 2017/2018 Furtive Kite in all sizes, 6.4,8,10,12,14 & 17m are officially registered for the upcoming Youth Olympic Games!!

Kite sizes for the Furtive have been expanded up to 19m specifically for slalom racing and this Olympic event. Paired perfectly with our Carbon TRAX HRD which is a top of the line twin tip with many innovative features and you could just have the world’s best TT racing combo.

The Furtive is a higher aspect kite that features the W5 Bridal system simulating the rigidity of a 5th line kite while still using a standard 4-line bar. Unlike the bandit the furtive was designed to be used with a low “V” bar. Low-V meaning the two center lines split down low just above the center main line creating a low V shape with the two front lines.

Sizes 6.4, 8 and 10m have 5 struts to hold the shape without any distortion even when over-powered and the larger sizes 12, 14, 17 & 19m feature 3 struts instead of 5 to keep the weight as light as possible. If you are looking for a fast accelerating, stable and responsive LEI kite, the furtive is worth giving a go, not to mention that as of yesterday F-One’s Alex Caizergues has set a new world speed record on the Furtive of over 66 mph (57.97 knots)! World Record Video Link

As for the Twin tip, our TRAX is a legendary design that has been improving year after year to create one of the industry’s most famous and refined TT to date with F-One originating in the first production kiteboards.

A few years ago, F-One introduced the HRD (Helical Rail Design) which was a game changer in freeride kiteboards. HRD rail provides new performance and a truly unknown riding sensation like riding above the water. The 16 mm thick rail also strongly increases the resistance of the structure and locks the twist of the board.

With its helical shape, the HRD rail is going to establish a new era in kitesurfing!

136 x 40.5 cm
137 x 42 cm

2018 Trax Carbon 3D

Source: Official Website for IKA TT Racing
Next Event Location: Youth Slalom World championships – Barra Grande, Brasil
Dates: 26 November – 1 December 2017

In the Youth Olympic Games and the Qualification Events, only registered series production hulls (boards) and registered series production “Leading Edge Inflatable” kites are allowed to be used. The F-One Furtive LEI Kite and Trax Carbon 136 & 137 TT boards are registered equipment for the 2017 Youth Olympic Games!

Furtive Registered Sizes: 6. 4, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19m
Trax Registered Sizes: 2018 Carbon 136 & 137

The list of registered series production equipment which is eligible to compete can be found here:

Please note that despite the registration and listing in above lists, competitors are responsible that the equipment is compliant (i.e. has an “IKA Registered Series Production Equipment” label attached)

For each of the above events (YOG and qualifier events), only one hull (board) and a maximum of four kites may be registered to be used during that event. The kites must be chosen in 4 size categories to cover the whole wind range from light to strong winds.

Please refer to the TT:R class rules for further information.

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2018 Furtive LEI Kite Sizes: 6.4, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 17, 19m

2018 Trax Carbon Sizes: 136 & 137 TT