Will Palmer’s favorite wake combo: SPICY + BANDIT

Will Palmer is our national Wake Team rider and will attend all stops of the Kite Park League in 2017. His go to combo for the 2017 season is the SPICY wakeboard and the BANDIT kite. Last year, he won the Triple S Open. Check out why he picks that board and this kite !



This year the bandit saw a substantial improvement with its new squarer outline which has really boosted performance in a great way. At first flight you can’t help but notice the smooth stability of the pull. You can park the kite at 12 o’clock on the beach with ease or preferable park it nice and low while hitting features in the park. However when it comes time to redirect the kite, the response and speed it maintains while turning is impressive. Now days if flying a kite from another brand I always find myself missing the responsiveness, consistency and turning speed that I have become accustomed too with the Bandit.

My favorite feature of the Bandit X is the range it offers. I love most aspects of kiting. Most of all I love to unhook and hit park style features, but almost just as much, I love to stay hooked in a boost big. I love the Bandit X because I can almost always choose a kite size that will allow me to depower a little, comfortably unhook and handle pass, but also power back up and boost big in the same session. For icing on the cake I love all of the color combinations you can choose from!


SPICY: Fun, Versatile, Tough.

From the very first time you ride the spicy you can’t help but feel like your able to ollie higher than normal. The ease of popping and jumping not only makes this board so fun, but also makes those features and sliders you that you can’t ride up, and have to ollie on (reverse rainbow rail at triple s), much less intimidating. The lifted tips in the central ends of the board not only help the efficiency of the pop almost like a spring, but also really help you lock into a nose or tail press on the rails.

The spicy is first and foremost best for kiting. I ride it whether I plan to shred the park, ride very powered and boost big, or load and pop freestyle. However the spicy has done very well at fulfilling my desire to use one board capable of shredding behind a kite, cable, and even behind a boat. I use to have three boards. One for the kite, one for the cable/winching, and one for riding the wake behind a boat. However I believe its more productive and can help you reach a higher level of riding faster when you ride the same board consistently. Regardless of what I will get pulled behind I feel very confident an excited with the Spicy as my weapon of choice!

One more huge benefit of the Spicy is its durability. After hours of use hitting kickers, plastic features/sliders, metal hand rails, and even jibbing rocks and trees this board is still ready for the next session. When committing to purchasing a board or bringing along only one board on a big trip, the last thing you want is the integrity of the board to not last as long as you, and the Spicy has never left me disappointed


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