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Tyler Conroy enjoying his new Manera wetsuits in cold NorCal winter

20 Jan , 2017  

Happy New year! I just got my hands on two new MANERA suits from the 2017 line. They are sick! I’m based in Santa Cruz, Ca and the water temp has been around 54 degrees. That is cold for around here, but i have been able to surf comfortably early in the morning or late into the sunset. The first suit that i tried out is the new 4.3 Magma Meteor suit with the warmest comfiest lining I’ve ever used. The suit is really stretchy especially considering the warmth that it provides. This is my go to suit during the winter months for every day suits. The second suit i got is the 5.4 X10 with out a hood. X 0 you ask? why would you choose the X10 over the Magma you may say… My experience last winter was that I was often too warm in the hooded 5.4 Magma Meteor. So i wanted to give the X10 a go for this winter. I use this suit for early morning surfs with strong off shores or surfing big waves. This suit is slightly more flexible and does not have the same¬†lining. Making it the perfect combo of stretch and warmth for my uses. I’m so pumped on this years suits, mostly waiting for the North Pacific to start producing some bigger swells so i can really put these suits in the water.

Tyler Conroy


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