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CATALOG: 2017 Foil Range for KITE | SUP | WIND | SURF | WAKE

19 Jan , 2017  

As you can see on the foil overview below, F-One is now offering a massive range for 2017 with many possibilities to cover it all KITE, SUP, WIND and now also SURF and WAKE. We won’t be able to stock everything and will be able to get monthly production on the most popular hydrofoils, such as those KITE sets that are currently in stock – Other hydrofoils have separate elements and will only be produced based on pre-orders with 2 months lead-time. Contact your favorite dealer for first 2017 production with ETA in APRIL.

More info here:

  • Hybrid 90/800 & 90/600 → KITE
  • Carbon 95/600 → KITE
  • Carbon 95/510 → KITE
  • Carbon 105/540 → KITE

2017 F-ONEFOIL assembled hydrofoil range overview

+++ WHAT’S NEW IN THE 2017 RANGE? +++


  • New beginner and school kitefoils 45/800 and 75/1000
  • New Front Wing SURF 1200 with the perfect volume to lift without effort your SUP, SURF or WAKE
  • New MFS pack (Mast + Fuselage + Stab) on RACE CARBON range – Available in 95cm and 105cm mast versions. High-end foil users like to custom their foil. Having the option to buy MFS pack and front wing separately will give you flexibility to match all demands
  • New SURFFOIL 65/1200 (recommended with a Mitu foil) and WAKEFOIL 55/1200 (recommended with a Papeeno board)
  • SUP & SURF standard masts length is now 65cm. We learned by experience that it’s the optimal size for these disciplines
  • New FOILBOARD 51 TS: MSRP $749. Twin-Tip technology, made in our twin tip factory, available in the spring
  • New TOP PLATE and BOXES (KF / Deep KF) to mount our foils on any kind of boards.

F-ONEFOIL hydrofoil range

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