The Trax HRD Lite Tech is the state of the art freestyle board providing futuristic sensations! Offered with the new Lite Tech Technology, and available in sizes 135, 136, 137 & 140 cm, learn more about the 2016 Trax HRD Lite Tech series today!


F-ONE HRD Lite Tech
Sizes Available: 135, 136, 137, 140cm
Sizes Tested: 135 x 39cm

F-One Says:
The new Trax HRD Lite Tech is the state of the art freestyle board. Using its widely acclaimed shape, The Trax is back with its disruptive innovation that rocked the twin tip world, the HRD. The new LITE TECH (Integrated TPU Element) patented by Rossignal Snowboards is an F-One exclusive. The board is built using some new directional reinforcements around a genuine polymer wood core to provide a nice flex along with a super smooth ride and great comfort. With a three step rocker, combined with some straight lines, the board offers immediate planing and great upwind abilities. It’s outline is designed for versatility and makes it great performer in all types of conditions. Its concave step design on the bottom, combines a single concave with a central channel to absorb the chop and give the board instant planing potential. With it’s light weight, versatility and ground breaking rail design, the new HRD Carbon series will impress any Pro freestyler with its unmatched riding sensation.

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Our Testers Say:

“This is my favorite twin tip — rides as good as it looks with great carving and insane pop for boosting.” Rob Shea

“A good looking board with comfortable footbeds and easy to adjust straps.” Bill Gordon

“Medium flex, good load up, fun and responsive shape that rips upwind really well on the rails.” Jonathan Dixon

Meet the 2016 TKB Test Team.

Tkb Says:
The 2016 F-One Trax Lite is much stiffer in the water compared to the Trax Carbon. It doesn’t offer quite as much flex as the Trax Carbon and requires a bit more back foot pressure to track upwind, but could be a great option for the heavier riders out there. Testers praised The Trax Lite for it’s quick and nimble carving abilities and overall comfort that are a great value if you’re not ready to spring for the carbon version. The pads/footbeds offer 12 different duck settings and the strap has a single velcro adjustment. The pads have ample grip with a rubbery texture and the strap offers a plush feel that is all encompassing and comfortable.

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