BAKS would like to welcome Mr. William Palmer to the F-One and Manera Wakestyle team! Located in St. Pet Florida, William will be riding the F-One Spicy twin tip along with the Bandit!

The “Wakestyle” kite scene is growing with more young-guns putting on boots seeking to emulate wakeboarding through unhooked, powered tricks while keeping the kite low! In the United Stated we have a strong Strapless Kitesurfing presence, and the wakestyle scene has been held tight by a select few. We would like to welcome Will Palmer to the F-One and Manera Wakestyle team!

Located in St. Petersburg Florida, Will will be riding the F-One Spicy twin tip along with a selection of Bandit Kites! Super excited to have Will join the team, and we look forward to watching him take his riding to the next level with our support. Stay tuned for upcoming events and photo shoots with Will Palmer!

We sat down with Will last weekend after a super gusty offshore wind to have him answer some of our favorite interview questions, I must say, some of these answers were surprising!

Rider Spotlight – Will Palmer
Home Spot – St. Petersburg, Florida
Style – Wakestyle Rider

Photo Location: North Florida


How many years have you been kiting? Not enough!

Favorite kite location? The Florida keys! I love having fun on and under the water, plus you get to shred the Keys Cable if the wind dies!

What is your gear of choice? F-One Spicy board to jump into the atmosphere and come down soft, Manera Exo harness for comfort, and any size F-One Bandit kite because they make it easy to boost big, ride upwind, and unhook comfortably all in the same session!

Why F-One? Because ever since trying the Bandit for the first time I have been infinitely more excited to shred when pumping one up! As a bonus the kites and gear all look freaking awesome!

Describe your perfect session… Rails for days to shred, big waves to surf and use as kickers, fun structures and pools to jump over, into, and jib! My best friends are there, bikini models are helping to apply sun screen and pump the kites, afterwards we eat cannoli’s in a Jacuzzi on the spot!

Photo Location: North Florida


What is your life philosophy? somewhere between Wolf of Wall Street and Bob Marley

Favorite local kite shop? Hooked On Kiteboarding all day! Local shop and local shredder!

Rumor has it that American Ninja Warrior the TV show has been looking for you, is this true?
Apparently we have been looking for each other. The link below is how I started, I am hoping for a call back for Season 8 this year!

Will’s American Ninja Warrior entry video can be viewed here.

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