The battle paddle is made for racing and touring. For 2016, the range welcomes three new blades whose shape has been particularly optimized to meets the requirements of the most demanding riders. Team Rider Keith McConnaughey tests the new BATTLE Paddle Elite Carbon! Read more...

2016 F-One Battle paddle review

Keith McConnaughay: 6’1″ – 190lbs – experienced SUP racer.

The new 2016 Battle paddle will come in both adjustable and standard, cut to fit versions. It will be available in 3 sizes: 84 , 92, and 101 weighing in at a mere 18 oz (uncut w/handle) this paddle is light, stiff and provides a smooth as butter pull through the stroke. I have been using the 101 version of the Battle for the last 3 weeks now and have grown to really like this paddle for not only race training but anytime I get on the water!

The first thing you will notice with the battle is its long, narrow blade profile. Although there are many benefits to this shape, there are a few standout attributes. The paddle has a dihedral running the entire length of the power face of the blade from base to tip. Combined with a generous “scoop” at the tip of the blade, it provides a slippery and quiet catch at the front of your stroke while the full blade dihedral gives a very controlled feel through the pull and eliminates any flutter in the water. The blade shape itself, being longer and narrower than your traditional tear drop shape, enables you to keep the blade closer to the board as well so you can focus more on your stroke and technique and less about staying on your board!


2016 Battle Paddle Specifications:

47 X 16.5cm , 545 cm2 / 84 sq. in 500 g*
47.5X 17.5cm , 595 cm2 / 92 sq. in 520 g*
48X 18.5cm , 649 cm2 / 101 sq. in 540 g*

Resources: F-One 2016 SUP Global Catalog

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