We are stoked to welcome Keith from Santa Cruz to the F-ONE America SUP Race team!

We are stoked to welcome Keith from Santa Cruz to the F-ONE America SUP Race team! He started racing with his new Race Pro 14’ x 24.5” only a few weeks before the start of the Ta-Hoe Nalu this past weekend! Congratulates on 1st place, both for the 10 and the 5 mile race. Watch out, you will defiantly be seeing Keith at the Battle of the Bay in two months! Welcome aboard.

Team Rider Keith Mcconaughey
Team Rider Keith Mcconaughey

I live in the United States, although I was born in Tokyo, Japan and lived in Hong Kong for 1 year before moving to the U.S. with my family when I was 6 years old.

Currently living in:
Santa Cruz, CA
Date of birth:
July 1st, 1989

How long have you been practicing stand-up paddle for? 3 years


Instagram: keith_chiseki

How did you begin SUP?
I first tried SUP about 3 years ago, I come from a background in whitewater kayaking and have been paddling since I was 13. When I moved to Santa Cruz I wasn’t very close to many rivers so I needed something to cross train with, I found SUP which made sense to me since it involved at least one paddle blade. I ended up at Covewater Paddlesurf in Santa Cruz where I rented my first board. After that first time on the water I was hooked and haven’t stopped since, I even work at the shop that started it all for me !

Contest results: 2015

2nd place – 101 Surfsports San Quentin Breakout paddleboard race – 14’ SUP
1st place – Santa Cruz Paddlefest – Men’s 14’ SUP
7th place – Ghostryders Downwind Ryders cup – Men’s 14’
1st place – Donner Lake SUP race (Tahoe cup series) – Men’s 14’ Elite
3rd place – Santa Cruz Jay Race – Men’s 14’ Elite SUP
2nd place – Waterman’s Paddle Jam (Tahoe cup series) – Men’s 14’ Elite SUP

What’s a great SUP session for you?
25-30 knot wind with 5-6 foot swell and an epic downwinder from Davenport to Santa Cruz with the boys!

If you had to reincarnate, what would that be into?
Well my spirit animal is an orangutan..

What is your most memorable contest? Why?
My most memorable contest is my first SUP race I ever entered. I signed up for the 3 mile short course for the Santa Cruz Paddlefest. It was overcast and cold that morning and not knowing what I was supposed to wear I decided my 5mm surf wetsuit would be a good choice. About 10 minutes into the race I was just trying not to pass out from the heat of being in my wetsuit and trying to paddle as hard as I could on this big heavy touring board that I was renting at the time. I think I placed 4th that day but I always laugh looking back remembering how miserable I was during the race but after I was done, immediately thinking how I wanted to go back out and do it all again.

What is your favorite dish?

Whats your current music playlist?
Random mix of some Reggae, Hip Hop and Country music