Highlight’s from the 2015 Mitu Wave Camp

Big thank you to everyone who made The 2015 Camp possible, especially the Solosports Crew! Can't wait to see what next year brings. Keep an eye out for the 2016 Mitu camp dates... Until then we have a pretty awesome photo gallery you should check out from this year!

Mitu Monteiro Wave Camp – Location: Solosports, Punta San Carlos, Baja Mexico

The 2015 Mitu Monteiro Wave Camp was an absolute hit! You one hundred percent missed it… Whether it be Plane or Van… you will get there, and it will be epic.Mitu Clinic - Photo: Billy Ackerman

Days before the trip you check everything you can think of from surfline to maajicseaweed to get a little glimpse of what’s going on with the forecast down in Baja. We checked everything trying to pack the quiver appropriately. Well… I’m going to give you a friendly heads up, the PSC forecast was flat across the board, they were wrong, and we scored!

Regardless to the conditions we arrived extremely prepared in the gear department packed with the latest and greatest from F-ONE and MANERA! The 2015 Bandit 8 and Mitu Surf 5′ 8″ were just a Photo: Luckybeanz_photo few of the crowd favorites. For this years wave clinic we had ten spots available for those individuals looking to take there strapless wave riding to the next level. All campers had to bring were their harness, wetsuit and basic necessities. The Solosports Adventure Compound is set up with everything you need including all the latest gear from F-ONE!

The first few days the wind was light and we had a solid swell in the water throwing head high sets on the right tides. The entire crew was having a ball on the 2015 F-ONE SUP collection! After day two the wind started cranking and it was time for the Mitu Wave Clinic to go full force ahead.

Coach Mitu Monterio is not only one of the nicest guys we know, but he is also an extremely talented Mitu Clinic - Photo: Billy Ackermanathlete. When he’s not training or traveling around the globe for various events he runs a kiteschool with his buddy Djo is Cabo Verde. You can learn a tremendous amount from watching Mitu kitesurf. From technical freestyle maneuvers to meaty man turns he is quite the inspirational figure in the kitesurfing world.

The daily lifestyle at the Wave camp is very relaxed and in our opinion is the perfect desert paradise! Each camper gets their own custom Baja approved tent, and all the amenities regularly needed on a daily basis. The food is amazing and will make you feel right at home. Right after breakfast class is in session and Mitu runs through pictures, videos, and questions to help point the the rider in the right direction. Mitu was assisted by the BAKS Crew including seasoned wave riders Nico, Bruce, Nate, and Billy to help out with daily camp activities.

Photo: Luckybeanz_photo Brandon, Calvin, Chris, Christal, Curtis, Guillaume, Jean-luc, Kigi, Mike, Rob, and Tomoko joined the camp this year to take their strapless skills to the next level. We enjoyed having all of you and could not be more stoked on the progress you all made throughout the week. It’s always nice to have Mitu in town to help take your strapless game to the next level. He really has a unique style of teaching to help pinpoint each individual’s needs. No two people are alike and it helps immensely to have an experienced professional walk you through the process first hand.Photo: Luckybeanz_photo

Experiencing a Baja Fog is a must while your at Solosports… You’re probably asking yourself what the heck is a Baja FOG?! Solosports Adventure compound is a one of a kind destination that you have to check out for yourself to believe. Maybe you too can experience the real Baja Fog… but only after the session of your life smashing rights off the tip of Bombora.

Big thank you to everyone who made The 2015 Camp possible, especially the Solosports Crew! Can’t wait to see what next year brings. You should keep your calendar free for next year. Keep an eye out for the 2016 Mitu camp dates. www.solosports.net

Photo: Luckybeanz_photo

Photos: Thank you to Clark Merritt and Mark Harpur! Click here to check out Luckybeans_Photo Album from the entire week. #solosports #foneamerica #PSC
Solosports Adventure Holidays
Punta San Carlos, Baja Mexico
Solosports Adventure Holidays
Punta San Carlos, Baja Mexico

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