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Dealer Spotlight: Ocean Extreme Sports in St. Augustine, Florida

14 Apr , 2015   Gallery


Meet our friend from Ocean Extreme Sports located in St. Augustine, Florida specializing in kite and stand up paddle equipment along with Lessons, rentals, and tours. OES stocks the latest and greatest from F-ONE & Manera along with a handful of other leading brands in the industry. These guys are legit and if you’re ever in the area we highly recommend stopping by and checking out their epic shop.

What got you into the Kite business? After graduating college, waiting on the FAA to hire me to be an Air Traffic Controller, I started working at Ocean Extreme Sports in St. Augustine, FL. During my time there I had an opportunity to take over the store from the previous owner and have now been running it since January of 2013. I’ve been kiting for 12 years and it’s always been my favorite sport, I’m very lucky to have made it my career.

Where do you like to kite and what is your favorite local restaurant for an after Kite meal? My favorite kite sport is the North Sound in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. Consistent 20-25 knot trade winds and crystal blue water. My favorite restaurant after a kite sesh would have to be the Taco Shop in St. Augustine Beach, get the UFO.

What is your favorite local Kite event? My favorite local event is our annual Halloween Blast. 3 Days of kiting and paddle boarding contests, demo’s and parties for amateur riders. It’s been great hosting the event the past two years.

Why do you chose F-ONE for one of your brands at OES? We choose F-ONE for one of our top 3 brands at OES for a few reasons. The products speak for themselves. The Bandit may be the best all around kite on the market and works extremely well for the conditions in NE Florida. Whether you’re on a surfboard or a twin tip the kite just delivers for intermediate to advanced riders. Support is another factor we look for in a brand and having a local rep allows us to do a lot of demos, we have a lot of local riders flying the Bandit.


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