FOIL: Maxime Nocher joins the F-One International Team !

GREAT news ! Not only does F-One and Manera are adding Max Nocher, the 2014 under 21World Champ, to its International Team, but F-One will ALSO release soon a (very) high aspect ratio FOIL KITE. Yes ! a foil kite, you read correctly. Back to the roots for F-One. So now, we will have to make a clear distinction between the foil under water (hydrofoil) and the foil in the air (foil kite). Don’t get confused.

Maxime will join us in La Ventana March 22 to the 28th to compete in the Foil Gold Cup. We are stoked to have him with us alongside Romain Castel.

Below is what F-One sent us this morning and as you can see from past results, Max is a serious competitor, to day the least.

This 21 year old kitesurfer has been kiting since 2006 and began foiling in 2009. Maxime hails from the South of France, from Fréjus more exactly, a place where he can train every weekend. Determined and hardworking, he has been collecting titles since the beginning as he was already Vice European Junior Champion in Freestyle category in 2006 and has carried on the same path since. He holds several titles of French Champion and World Champion; hewon the 1st place in the World Championship in foil last year in the under 21 year old category.

Maxime’s results :

2014 results:

. 2014           World Foil Champion -21 years old

. 2014           2d – Foil World Cup

. 2014           French Long Distance Champion

. 2014           World Race Champion

. 2014           French Race Champion

. 2014           2d French Foil Championship

. 2014           2d Race World Cup

 2013 results :

. 2013           3rdAfrican Race Championship

. 2013           French Race Champion

. 2013           French Long Distance Champion

. 2013           French Long Distance Champion

. 2013           Record of the crossing Saint-Barth > Saint Martin

. 2013           1st European Racing Cup

 2012 results :

. 2012             World Foil Champion

. 2012             2d World Slalom Championship

. 2012             5th World Race Championship

. 2012             2d European KTE Race

. 2012             1st Speed Crossing Mondial du Vent

. 2012             French Race Champion

. 2012            1st European Racing Cup

2011 results :

. 2011             World Junior Race Champion

. 2011             French Junior Race Champion

. 2011             2d European Race Cup

 2010 results : 

. 2010             French Junior Race Champion

. 2010             1st European Race Cup

. 2010             French Junior Freestyle Champion

2009 results:

. 2009             4th French Freestyle Championship

. 2009             1st European Race Cup

. 2009             2d French Race Championship

. 2008             1st European Race Cup

. 2007             European Junior Freestyle Champion

. 2006             2d Junior European Freestyle Championship



Let’s find out a little more about Maxime:

How long have you been practicing kitesurf for?

I’ve been kitesurfing since 2006.

What’s a perfect session for you?
A perfect session is a good flat spot with 10 knots of wind and a beautiful sunshine!

What is the craziest thing you ever did?
I made a long crossing in 3 meter swell on my foil with sharks and killer whales. It was completely crazy !

What is your life philosophy ?

When you, want you can !

What is your program this year?

I will participate to the World Foil Cup and to the European Foil Championship. I will do the World and European Race and the French Foil, Race and Speed Crossing Championship.