TKB Tester: The Bandit stole my vote for best kite of the day

TKB Review: 2015 F-ONE BANDIT February 10, 2015



F-ONE Bandit
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F-one Says:

The 2015 Bandit has undergone a complete redesign in terms of fabric usage, layout, while improvements in the canopy profile and a brand new 4-point bridle offer greater stability, a clean and direct bar feeling with more forward traction and less lateral pull. In its lower range the new Bandit builds constant power without stalling making underpowered riding easier.

In the high range, the 2015 Bandit can be depowered with no parasitic movement and with its more forward pull in on the edge of the window the kite provides comfort and full confidence while riding. In a current market where most kites are getting more and more specific, the Bandit really stands out by providing excellence across all disciplines of kiting.

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Our Testers Say:

“Very fast and super responsive with medium bar pressure and easy relaunch. Clean simple bar with nice safety system,” Stan Mihaylov.

“The Bandit stole my vote for best kite of the day with lots of lift/hangtime; it had responsive turning from such a small bar, and was both powerful and lofty,” India Stephenson.

“Sweet rocket launcher with huge boost, easy relaunch and a little bit of flutter when accelerating through the window,” Davey Beard.

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TKB Says:

The 2015 Bandit received high praise for its stability, responsive steering, fast turning and impressive boosting. The Bandit is 3-strut medium aspect delta hybrid that comes with the standard 9mm/11m dump valve, a single setting front bridle with pulleys and three steering settings on the wingtip as well as a short trailing edge batten between the wingtip and side strut. Testers found the Bandit to be stable with light to medium bar pressure, fast and nimble turning and praised the Bandit for its large sweet spot and impressive lift for big boosting jumps and solid hangtime. The Bandit goes upwind well with fairly good drift off the wind, with most testers recommending this kite as a fun freeride, big air freestyle and surf option.


The Bandit comes with the Monolith, a fixed length bar (45 and 52cm) that is machined out of a single piece of aluminum block and comes with a new push away quick release with a travel guard, molded loop and finger lock, double center-line depower safety system, plastic coated sheeting/throw line, above the bar cam cleat with an above the bar swivel with a high V while the outside lines are tunable under the floats at the bar ends. This year the bar received stronger color coding with red on the left and riders liked the firm density of the grip and praised the bar’s overall simplicity and functional features.

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