“Kitesurfing’s Quiet Couple” featuring Bertrand Fleury & Tuva Jansen

"It was properly on and we had so many unreal sessions."


Issue #49 iksurfmag.com – “Kitesurfing’s Quiet Couple”

Bertrand Fleury and Tuva Jansen were well placed to enjoy one of the best seasons for wind and waves that Indonesia has ever seen. Their house overlooks one of the best breaks and over the last 5 years the kite camps they have been running there have gained quite a following…. We felt it was a good time to catch up with them and find out about there amazing wave training camps, their perfect location in Indonesia and the arrival of their baby daughter, Aya…

How was the season in Indo this year, is it getting busier as more and more people find out about it? 

This year was definitely the most consistent year we have ever had for waves, we kept getting swell after swell, not always big, but always some wave to play around with. The wind kicked in a bit later in the season, but then it was properly on and we has so many unreal sessions. Some years have been more crowded than others, but it is still not too bad. It is a bit of a long way to travel to get there, so i guess that keeps some crowds away. We just have to enjoy it as much as we can now i guess.

Your spot is pretty special do you play host to many travelling kitesurfing celebrities?

Every year there are some pro’s that stop by… Click here to read more of issue #49 of iksurfmag.