BAKS Ambassador Christian Ruhfus tests the MADEIRO 8’3″

BAKS rider Christian Ruhfus reviews the MADEIRO 8'3" !

F-One 8 F-One 3
Rider : Christian Ruhfus
Location : San Diego

The first thing you’ll notice is the board looks really good – the bamboo and Tahitian design is super cool.

If you lift the board up you feel right away it is quite heavy – more than my previous boards – which means it really can take a beating. I dropped it once on the stairs and the rocks and not even a dent or the paint came off – so it’s really well built.

First impression – when you paddle out the volume distribution is great because of the flat rocker line. For a guy up to 180 lbs the 108 liter offers plenty of stability.

When you paddle on the wave the board accelerates really quick – faster than any board I’ve ridden before. Very easy to catch waves. For a short board it has enough speed to go in bigger surf and to really hack some turns into the wave – the board really wants to turn. The board feels very easy to go from rail to rail even for the 30″ width it’s very easy.

For intermediate to advanced riders it’s the perfect short board. I absolutely love this board!