REVIEW : BAKS Ambassador Rev Thom loves his new F-One 2015 Race Pro 14′ x 26″

26 Wide is a perfect width for a 14 race board. It is not necessary to change boards dependent on conditions as the 26 covers flat water and chop with ease.

Rider: Rev Thom, Florida

As far as the board goes, there is so much I love about it. I can’t compare it to the 2014 model as I’ve never ridden that board, but all features seem inline with a top quality all-round board. Reminds me of the older canoe-style Fanatic ocean race board before they came out with that bulky nose board. The Race Pro has similar volume and buoyancy, along with stability and plenty speed without a banana nose rocker which is awesome.

Anyway, from the deck pad to the unforgiving nose and cutting bow, she handles like a charm. It’s fast in the flatwater and seems to get even faster with bumpy conditions. Very stable while paddling & during buoy turns. Ive done quite a few 15 milers now while training for the Chattajack 31 and I’ve experienced no foot cramping or uncomfort from the deck-pad. The volume in the front section of the board assists with water deflection from waves and boat wakes. It does a great job and barely any water makes it on to the deck while piercing large wakes. The volume in the nose also gives the board additional flotation and allows the board to ride on top of the water VS in the water or below the surface, and this is key specially in chop or windy conditions,. There is no better sound like the choppy water and air running underneath the board as you power into the wind. It certainly feels good to be on a well-made board.

Weight is usually an issue with larger volume boards but not with the Race pro. I haven’t weighed it but I’m guessing probably between 19-21. It feels very light another bonus when in windy conditions.

The flat deck is a better choice for a race board, as it provides versatility for any race and any condition. I’m very comfortable in a regular side stance while paddling on this deck but have also been working on a staggered surf/style stance with one foot about half/meter in front of the other foot, but offset for balance. Seem to have better reach and a longer more powerful stroke as the blade now stays in the water longer. The flat deck is perfect for this stance, whether it’s used at the beginning or end of a race. I feel its key to switch it up, and have a go-to stance specially when your body is so fatigued from paddling in same position.

I’m yet to downwind the board but can’t wait. Our down-winding season starts November. The tail is wide enough for good stability and forward-push from any swell so I feel it will be good in any downwind conditions. Having a less aggressive cutting bow is always better for downwind conditions, as the rider always stays in control of board direction which is key, specially when you’re tired, otherwise you lose balance and fall.