BAKS Crew’s first impressions of the 2015 Signature Surfboard

The 2015 Signature is a must try, get with your local shop and demo one today!! Until then check out what Rider Billy Ackerman has to say and check out the epic pics. #gopro #mygo
signature510 Signature Surf 6’0″

Billy Ackerman – North Florida

The F-ONE Signature surfboard has been re-designed creating an epic performance SURF weapon for 2015! The first wave i towed into on this board blew my mind, the grip and drive from the quad fin set-up mixed with the rounded tail made me feel as if i could put the board where ever i wanted on the wave! I am 6’1 and 195lbs and the 6′ signature is the perfect all-around board for me.

We have eliminated the bamboo construction replacing it with a HD Foam Flex Composite making a perfect strength to weight ratio. The new construction is BOMB proof and meets the demands of high end aggressive riders all over the world! New features for 2015 include the addition of a recessed area in the deck under the front foot area and filling it with a 5mm thick ABS Shock Absorbing layer creating softer landings, and an all-around more comfortable ride.  The Signature also has a NEW outline, round tail, and a little more width in the middle (6’0″ x 19″). This makes the board more versatile, better balanced, and smoother during rail to rail transitions. Another great feature that really stuck out was the Camel Deck pad. This gives the board the same feeling every time with the arch of your foot supported perfectly by the shape of the deck pad. After breaking in any surfboard you embed your foot print into the deck making it feel right at home and super responsive. The Camel Deck shape gives you a super comfortable, responsive feeling right from day one! The 2015 Signature is a must try, get with your local shop and demo one today!! – Billy Ackerman

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