Poenaiki reflects on his 2nd place at the Huntington Pro 2014

Poenaiki RAIOHA, F-One Tahitian rider finished 2nd of the 4th stage of the STAND UP WORLD TOUR. Let’s see what he has to say following this great place finish !

 1. How was your competition? How did you feel on the water?

My competition was good, I felt confident, and I was not stressed. I was well trained and I wanted to do the maximum I can to win this stage.  I really gave the best on the water in all my heats.

 2. Which board did you use? Why? 

For the first round I used my 7’3 x 25″. From the third round until the final I took my 7’2 x 24″ to be more comfortable and did good maneuvers.

 3. What were the conditions? 

We were lucky because conditions were good.  Waves were at least 5′ on average.

 4. Did you ever participate in this event? 

Yes, last year I took part in this stage, but I was disqualified for interference in the third round.

 5. How did you experience this final against Kai Lenny? 

I was already happy for being a part of this final against Kai Lenny, but conditions were deteriorating and I could not catch any good waves at the right time. When there were waves coming, Kai Lenny had priority.

6. What are your goals now?
My goal is to go to “La Torche” , next stop in France now

 7. What are your upcoming competitions?

I will continue the tour next year.

 8. What was your best heat and score? 

I did my best heat in the semi-final against Brazilian Caio VA by recording 18.3 points. I really did everything to get a spot in the final.

Poenaiki-Raioha_2d Huntington Beach