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New Push Out Quick Release

11 Mar , 2014   Gallery

F-One has just released a new part that is an integral part of a kite control bar that a lot of riders and dealers around the world have been waiting for: a Push Out Quick Release !!. Although the old system was very reliable, it was time to move on with a more modern approach, with a push out system most brands are using now.

As usual, F-One has been pushing the R&D on this piece to offer two great features

  • You can push out and release even in the scenario where the bar will be stuck against the QR
  • After you release, you can easily reconnect to your bar with one finger
  • The new QR will be installed on all the 2014 Bandit 7 bar. If you already have a 2014 bar with the old velcro system, we will exchange it for free. Contact your dealer and they will arrange for a swap
  • This new QR is back compatible all the way to the Bandit 3 and will be available as a separate accessory. More info on pricing here.
  • QR 2014 MANUAL