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Introducing Manera EXO Harness

6 Dec , 2013  

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The all new 2014 Manera EXO Harness is a complete innovation in harness design! After 2 years of development, thousands of hours on the water and collaborations with the Human Kinetics Science Laboratory, the F-One team is proud to introduce the next generation of Harness! Check out the full product video with all the details!!

EXO Harness Features & Sizing

MANERA EXO is available in 6 colors from XS to XXL, with TALL options in Sizes M-L-XL for taller riders or riders who prefer to have a bigger back support.

  • EDF (Energy Dispersion Frame)
  • Cocoon Concept
  • Ergonomic Prefit
  • Seamless Neoprene Area
  • Down Hold System
  • Tuck Flap
  • MANERA leash release

All harnesses are equipped with a specific spreader bar, although different size spreader bars will be available separately, as well as knife.

EXO Harness BLUE leftEXO Harness BLUE



Manera EXO Harness Presentation

How to Choose your Manera EXO Harness

manera-exo-sliderManera EXO Harness Presentation from F-One America on Vimeo.

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