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2014 MANAWA Sup Video Presentation

27 Feb , 2014   Video

The MANWA range has been designed to offer some versatile, stable and perfectly accessible boards. They will prove ideal for all the family cruising out at sea, on rivers or lakes but will also enable you to surf and catch your first waves. The range is made of five boards from 10’6 to 8’6” to fit anyone’s weight and level with the right volume/length ratio. Targeted at beginners and intermediate riders, they will be perfect through your learning curve. Featuring a round outline with an outstanding rocker line, they glide very easily making it very easy to catch the smaller waves. Thanks to their abundant stability they will guide you perfectly when surfing your first waves while being very forgiving. When acquiring more skills and confidence, you will be surprised by their great maneuverability.  Two construction technologies are available throughout the range: The FULL BAMBOO construction for both deck and bottom is a feature of the smaller sizes for more serious conditions while the BAMBOO Deck construction features on the larger sizes for a lighter weight.

MANAWA collection has 5 sizes: