IKSURF Magazine Review of 2012 Trax 134

Original Source: IKSURF Magazine

At A Glance

The F-One Trax has been in the range for 7 years now, and this latest incarnation takes the design another stage further on.  New for this year the V shaped bottom with a double concave, aimed at improving speed and performance.

The flex has also been tweaked and the deck shape has been analyzed to ensure the most rigid platform with flex in the right place. The Twist Carbon control makes a welcome return to the board and controls the flex and torsional twist of the board. CNC Polonia wood core, shaped rails and a slightly narrower outline than some of the boards on test complete the feature list.

On The Water

We do love the F-One footpads, they never disappoint with their comfort and ease of adjustment.  But with our feet firmly planted o the board how did it ride?  Well as you would expect from such an iconic bit of kit, it didn’t disappoint.

The new bottom shape improves early planing, meaning they don’t have to make a wide board in order to get it going early.  This allows the narrower shape to be faster with less drag and cut through the chop with ease.

It is a little stiffer than the last year we think, which allows it even more pop and a faster ride, but perhaps at the cost to its overall comfort.  Don’t misunderstand us here, the board goes through chop like butter as usual, but perhaps the added performance that we enjoyed comes at a slight price when the water gets really rough.

The Unibox fin system makes a return and works well, we also really liked the shaped rails that allow the board to carve from rail to rail with ease.  Upwind is really good and jumping, with the added increase in stiffness is even easier.


The Trax is a classic board packed with modern technology, if you want a balance between performance, comfort and speed in a free ride machine then look no further…

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