What is Vacust and How Can It Improve Your Next Kiteboarding Session?

Vacust is a technology for creating custom fit molds for gear such as kiteboarding harnesses, ski boots, back packs, saddles, etc.

How does Vacust work?
The Vacust system is an air tight pocket filled with small particles.  Different types of fillings create different characteristics such as flexibility or high impact reduction.  When the air is removed from the compartment, creating a vacuum the particles form a solid mold matching the shape held against the compartment.  When the air is released the mold is released. The  patented Vacust technology not only allows for exact customization, but also the flexibility of releasing and resetting. The Vacust technology won the prestigious ISPO Award


What Does This Mean For Kiteboarding?

It means a custom fit kiteboarding harness is not only possible, but also affordable. Imagine a harness that molds perfectly to your back.  Imagine being able to kite for as long as you want and never having to cut a session short because your back was hurting. Imagine kiting for hours and having your back as good as new the next day. Imagine just kiting without fighting your harness. Wearing a wetsuit one day and just a rash guard the next?  Now you can easily rest your harness for a custom fit.  Check out The Kiteboarder Magazine’s review of the Underwave customizable harness.

With just a couple pumps on the vacuum pump Vacust technology turns your Underwave kiteboarding harness into a custom fit.


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