Introducing F-One’s New TwinTip, The UNIK

Tested and Reviewed by Boardsports School Kiteboarding Instructor,  Vincent Nicolas

Testing conditions: 18knts on shore in small surf at Ocean Beach, San Francisco.

Not only only are the graphics nice to look at, but the flashy colors and the bright orange on the sides make the board easy to spot in the water when you lose it.  It has the right amount of rocker to be a great upwind board.  It has the right amount of of stiffness for good load an pop.  It’s over all design makes the board fast turning and very precise on maneuvers.

In short, it is a good all around board that I highly recommend for beginners.  The 136×40 size provides good floatation, making for an easier water start.  And it’s ability to carve upwind will make for more successful and fun early sessions. With it’s pop and precision maneuverability, it will continue to be a fun board when you start try trying your first back rolls and boosts.  The versatility of this board makes it a great investment for beginner kiters because it will serve them well from their first runs to mastering their first tricks.

Now Available: The Volt2 Pack – includes a Volt Freeride kite and a UNIK board.


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