F-One Rider Katie Bowcutt takes 2nd Place in Riviera Azul

F-One Team Rider Katie Bowcutt continues her winning streak taking 2nd place at the 2012 River Azul Copa Masters in Puerto Plata. This was an exciting contest for Katie because she got to kite with the big girls, Audrey Meyer, a long time veteran of the sport and Hege Hol,t an experienced snowkiter who made a successful transition to freestyle.

At first it was “super intimidating kiting in the same heat as a big buff girl who just threw a huge trick I didn’t even know the name of.”  But Katie didn’t quickly turned intimidation to inspiration, “I thought, Oh lord, I better think of something new to do.” Fortunately Katied was a little overpowered.  And even though the strong onshore winds were an unfamiliar tack, Katie was able to throw really big airs and moves.  Some of them even bigger than she intended.  Going for broke, she attempted a Deadman in the last 30 seconds of her heat.  She landed on her head and almost brought real meaning to the name of the move.

Her overall riding of the day put her on the winners podium between two veteran competitors Audrey Meyer and Hege Holt.

It’s Katie’s ability to shift from intimidation, quickly adapt to unfamiliar conditions and go for the big moves that make her one to watch on the competition circuit.