F-One Bandit 5 Named One of Top 3 All Terrain Kite

13 Apr , 2012  

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“The Bandit has some of the most adaptive handling out there, with great  upwind power, comfort and easy handling it’s great whether you’re in waves or flat water.”

SBC Kiteboard Names F-One Bandit V One of Top Three All-Terrain Kites.

The Criteria

“These three kites posted the top scores, with great marks in all categories and a prowess in every discipline, pushing them to the top of the list. They each all had that X factor that put them slightly above the rest in terms of the total package, being adaptable to any condition and catering to the widest range of skill levels. Abilities that are the most adaptable and refined—smooth control and pull, good levels of de-power, quick and direct steering and plenty of boosting ability”

"Testers were impressed with the light, crisp handling, fast turning and improved upwind drive."

What the SBC Test Team Said About the Bandit V

-Testers were impressed with the light, crisp handling, fast turning and improved upwind drive.

-The kite was also faster pulling this season

-Reduced diameter in the leading edge made it easier upwind,with better speed and fluid drive across the window

-With the right back-line setting it offered great feedback for easy jumps, soft landings, and plenty of de-power to tame gusts or reduce being pulled off the wave face.

-It could unhook and deliver good pop for flatwater freestyle

-It’s forgiving enough for intermediate level riders to build skills.

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