NAST 2012 Skyline Masters video &recap

Chris Nester, F-One team rider, at Skyline


The Chase was on….
After an amazing time in Jackson, Wyoming the North American Snowkite Tour was on the move seeking wind and snow. We were faced with some tough decisions as the winter weather in North America has been a little under par this season. Conditions and snowpack were looking marginal for the week and amazing snow total reports for Idaho were haunting us in our decision to move south. In a last minute decision the tour moved on to Idaho.
Hours into our trip we were into some great conditions.

Kiters raced out into the rolling hills of Idaho in 11m wind and smooth fresh snow. Many high speed runs were made reaching top speeds of over 60 mph. As the session progressed riders moved into some fun cornice areas for some freestyle.
The Chase continued throughout the week but Mother Nature failed to deliver. Wherever there was snow there wasn’t wind, and wherever there was wind there wasn’t snow. The athletes of the Tour made due with many practical jokes, goofy antics, and building kickers off houses. Whether there is wind or not the show goes on…
Awaking Friday morning we all got the break we were looking for. Bluebird Skyline blowing 15 out of the SouthEast. The 2012 Snowkite Masters was underway. Kiters from all over the country had flocked to the most famed snowkite location in North America to partake in the action. For the next 3 days kiters played throughout the amazing Skyline playground, jumping off cornices, gliding off hills, and getting some great powder turns. It was a festival and a celebration of our sport. Much thanks to Brian and Heather of Windzup snowkiting, putting on a great event and entertaining all kiters throughout the evening at the Triangle Bar.

With a great week of kiting, filming, and socializing, the North American Snowkite Tour was on the move to Summit County Colorado.


You can check the full HD video HERE.