2011 F-One Trax – review

16 Sep , 2010  

by Julien Hosp, F-One team rider

The Trax is Fones High-End-Allroundboard! It provides the best parts out of every aspect of kiting, no matter if for Waves, Handlepasses, High-Jumps or just cruising! The Trax is THE Board-2-go!

Compared to the the Trax from 2010 the new 2011 is pretty similar, except for the graphics and fins, which I had already explained in the Acid report yesterday, as the board had been such a great success over the last year, we did not want to change to much, just as Never Change a Winning Team…

The Board has a quadruple concave and therefore planes really early, while going great upwind and being very stable, just as the word Trax=Track suggests. It feels as if you are riding above the water, and is very easy to handle for every level of riding. Just like the Trax last year, and the Acid this year, the 2011 Trax has a Carbon X in the middle, to provide more flex in the tips, but more stiffness in its center. This leads to more control while still being very comfortable to ride!

Compared to the Acid, the Trax is easier to ride, but also offers less performance. It stays better in its Track, and is more forgiving. However it is more high-end than the TX, which is more for beginners or Intermediates. If you want to do everything in kiting, Jumping High, going into Waves, doing the one or other handlepass, then the Trax is YOUR board to go for!!!

The board is available in the following 5 sizes:


Tomorrow I will present you Fones beginner/intermediate board, the TX 2011!!!