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2011 F-One Bandit 4 – review by Julian Hosp, F-one Team rider

14 Sep , 2010  

Since F-one puts all their money into one kite, there is the possibility every year, that this plan goes all wrong, or they produce the next Big Cash Cow!

Of course this is always a little nerve wrecking when we all get to test the kites at the Dealermeeting. But I can assure you, the Bandit4 will once again be the top kite to beat!!!

The graphics are very similar to the Bandit3, since Fone wants to have a clear recognizable line. The 2 main differences (aside of some several small ones) are the almost rectangular tips and the kite has only 3 instead of 5 struts.

This results into the main improvements of the flying abilities:

First of all, the Bandit4 provides a better C-kite like feeling, meaning that even with your eyes closed, you can tell very well where the kite stands in the sky! Furthermore the Pop is better to anticipate, the take off therefore easier and all tricks better to execute! All, Freestylers, Waveriders and Beginners, will appreciate this easier maneuverability a lot as it makes everything easier!

As the Bandit4 will only have 3 struts, it will not only be lighter, but also have more power turn better. It will however NOT loose any of its stability or depower, as the Delta (which makes up for this characteristics) has not been changed!!!!

If you want to use it for Freestyle, Waves, Freeriding or as a beginner, I can assure you the Bandit4 will make you the happiest kitesurfer! In every aspect the Bandit has been improved! Also the bar has been remodeled and consists now of Full Carbon, with new Adjuster and Release! Everything according to international Security Standards!

I am very happy to be part of Fone, and to be able to ride these outstanding products! Tomorrow I will present the new Acid!!!