2010 F-One TRAX V 136x40cm board review

13 May , 2010  


Picked up a new F-One 2010 TRAX V 136x40cm board about two weeks ago and have had several freestyle sessions on it with the 7, 9, and 11m Bandit 3 kite.

What an amazing board!

I am an advanced rider, been kiteboarding for over 10 years, and am 5’10” and 180lbs. I have owned over 15 different boards. This is the smoothest board with incredible pop for freestyle that I have ever ridden.

The board looks awesome, has nice black finish with carbon cross pattern, very durable construction, and some of the best footstraps/pads on the market.

This board is definitely worth every penny. You only need one of these boards in the size for your weight, and you can ride it in any wind conditions (light to strong wind). I would recommend this board to any style of rider of all experience levels.

Good points:

– The board cuts through the worst chop like butter and does it without producing any spray. I have ridden it in 2-3 foot chop and very impressed with how well it slices through so smoothly.

– Amazing low end (was riding the 11m B3 with the 136×40 TRAX in 13mph winds powered enough to load and pop for unhooked raileys).

– Soaks up bumps and chop incredibly well and has good flex. Vibrations are also amazingly dampened out. An excellent board for someone with bad knees.

– The pop of the board is excellent for all unhooked tricks. You can effortlessly boost some huge airs also with this board due to the load and pop.

– Landings from powered tricks such as kiteloops, huge airs, and blind landings are very smooth and controlled and allow you to stick the moves with confidence.

– Footstraps are very easy to put on/foolproof with the Strap Lock 2 system. These are the most comfortable footsteps I have used. They absorb the hardest landings with ease and are super comfortable, you could ride all day!

– The board goes upwind very well, is fast if needed, and smooth and predictable.

– Board appears to be built very well and durable.

Bad points:

– Can’t really think of any. Price is a little high, but as I said earlier, it is definitely worth it (3D carbon cross in top layer, double concave bottom, durability, and great footpads/straps). Also the finish looks amazing, hope I don’t scratch it.