John Maldonado

Name: John Maldonado

Birthdate: 6/09/64

Occupation: Contractor

Sponsors: FONE

Current equipment: Bandit III

How long kiteboarding? 12 years

What made you want to kite? Windsurfing dead end Street, kiting makes it possible to go out in light wind and he jumps!

Favorite spots: Scotts Creek and Waddell in Santa Cruz Ca.

Future spots to visit: So. Africa, Fiji, More of Baja Ca.

Number of days kiting:

Per year approximately 290 days.

Favorite move: Off the lip

Move you are currently working on:

Strapless moves; duck tacks, more aggressive off the lips and aerials.

Other hobbies: Mountain biking, Standup surfing, surfing, Diving