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MOVIE: “Welcome On Board”

2 Mar , 2015   Video


It only keeps getting better! While the F-ONE International team was in Tahiti filming “TE TAINUI, SHARING THE OCEAN” they started preparing for the 2015 SUP Edit “Welcome On Board.” Staring F-ONE Riders Patrice Chanzy, Manutea Monnier, Poenaiki Raioha, Aude Lionet CHANFOUR, Rémi Quique, Camille Salles, Filippe Ferreira, Mitu Monteiro, Micka Fernandez, and of course Raphaël Salles! What better way to host a team trip than to rent a couple giant catamaran’s so you are in the right spot at the right time! Sit back, relax, and just enjoy the epic waves that the Tahitian islands have to offer!

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MOVIE: “TE TAINUI” Sharing the Ocean

30 Oct , 2014   Video

Te Tainui

TE TAINUI | Sharing The Ocean Once again the F-ONE team went off to discover new landscapes and live an extraordinary adventure. Raphaël SALLES put on his captain’s hat for the time of a far-off journey to meet his Tahitian team and experience the magic surrounding their idyllic islands. Accompanied by his faithful sidekicks as […]

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20 Mar , 2015  


Dakhla is underway for the first stop of the 2015 PKRA Tour, or should we say VKWC! The Tour recently made some major changes regarding ownership, rules, dates and of course the name! Check out http://www.vkwc.com/ to learn more!

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All New 2015 TRUST Kite under the microscope

13 Mar , 2015   Gallery


The all new F-One 2015 TRUST Kite will be available in April. We will design it as the T3 since this is the 3rd generation of the TRUST. Designed for FREERIDING, the 2015 TRUST is a completely new kite, easier to use and yet with better performances. It benefits from all the work and progress achieved in terms of construction and shape with its elder sibling the 2015 BANDIT.

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CATALOG: F-One 2015 TRUST Kite [T3]

12 Mar , 2015  

F-One 2015 TRUST Kite [T3]

Designed for FREERIDING, the F-One 2015 TRUST is a completely new kite easier to use and yet with better performances. It benefits from all the work and progress achieved in terms of construction and shape with its elder sibling the 2015 BANDIT. Great all around kite !

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VIDEO: Tyler Brown exploring what the Canadian prairies offer up

5 Mar , 2015   Video

photo credit: two brothers film

Thanks to Two Brother Films, a beautiful 2+ minutes video edit of Tyler Brown in YQR, shot right after the Red Bull Kite Farm. YQR is in the province of Saskatchevan, near the city of Regina, Canada.


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FOIL: Maxime Nocher joins the F-One International Team !

4 Mar , 2015   Gallery


GREAT news ! Not only does F-One and Manera are adding Max Nocher, the 2014 under 21World Champ, to its International Team, but F-One will ALSO release soon a (very) high aspect ratio FOIL KITE. Yes ! a foil kite, you read correctly. Back to the roots for F-One. So now, we will have to make […]


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Red Bull Endurance Snowkite Racing Comes to North America

3 Mar , 2015   Video


Welcome to Regina, Saskatchewan where you will find frigid temps, blowing snow, and the warm smiles of all the Saskatchewan snowkite crew! Tyler Brown fills us in first hand on the down right rugged Red Bull KiteFarm Endurance Race.

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Kick off of the 2015 KiteFoil GoldCup Tour in La Ventana March 22-28

3 Mar , 2015   Gallery

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 12.13.34 PM

BAKS crew and F-One pro riders from France will be heading south and attend the kick off of the 2015 KiteFoil GoldCup Tour. Organizers have also scheduled 2 days of Hydrofoil Pro Am Series/Expo where manufacturers are invited to debut upcoming products. Stay tuned on that ! More info on the week long event here http://playacentralkiteboarding.com/kiteboarding/kite-events/